Gold Monogram Necklace Go for the Gold

Silence may be golden, but not when it comes to personal jewelry. A gold monogram necklace is definitely not silent. With classic style, subtle message, and solid gold radiance, the necklace whispers “originality, one of a kind, quality, and personality.” When wearing a gold monogram necklace, one can’t help but walk a little taller.


Both men and women love gold monogram necklaces because customization is effortless. Men appreciate its understated force: Three letters, cast in pure gold, on a substantial chain that withstands running a marathon, wrestling with the kids, mowing the lawn, or stepping out for the night. Perfect! Isn’t it! As a stunning piece of personalized jewelry, women love gold monogram necklaces for their beauty, subtlety, versatility, and uniqueness. The timelessness of gold is unquestionable; combine it with a customized monogram and the results are an heirloom quality piece of original jewelry.


Options abound when designing a gold monogram necklace with individual preferences and designs.  Decide on the substance for the necklace; chain lengths, weight, link size all define the character of the overall effect. Whether yellow gold, white gold, silver, or composite material, the necklace should reflect lifestyle and personality.


Monogram styles vary, so consider all options.  Decide whether script or block lettering suits the design, and then select the font. From gothic, to romantic, to contemporary, font style and size are up to the wearer. Your gold monogram necklace can undergo transition from casual daywear to more formal evening occasions seamlessly. Lettering can match or contrast with the chain, it’s all customized. Many people now include special effects to their gold monogram necklace. Diamonds, Birthstones, precious gems and charms can be included in the overall design, whether embedded right in the monogram or linking monogram to the chain.   


Gold monogram necklaces travel well – gold is the world symbol for value, excellence, and perfection. Initials in gold, professionally linked to a beautiful complementary chain, announce the wearer’s confidence and taste.

Gift giving is a golden opportunity for sharing gold monogram necklaces with others. Thoughtfulness takes on a completely new meaning when a gift is not only beautiful and valued, but personally designed as well. Birthdays, weddings, graduations all call for a beautiful remembrance of not only the occasion, but the thoughtfulness of its giver.

There is no better time to go for the gold with a personalized gold monogram necklace.

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